[ROVERNET - UK] Cost of rebuilding an engine

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 2 23:04:07 BST 2005

Hi Lance
Just a thought from left field .... may be worth a look.

Not sure if it is possible in your neck of the woods, but here in South 
Oz, I found it was only AUD$250 dearer to install a brand new 3.9 short 
instead of reconditioning my tired 3.5.

You will have to do the math, availability and legals etc.

South Oz

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> Hi All,
> Would appreciate some guestimates and responses from those who may have had
> an engine rebuilt.  The 'ol V8  (1970 'Federal' 3500S) has 185,000 miles
> and is really getting tired (oil pressure light is on most of the time at
> idle suggesting that the bearings are shot).  The transmission has been
> rebuilt, so it's just the engine I'm considering.  I'd like to know how
> much a rebuild would be: 1) If they pull, rebuild, and reinstall the engine
> and 2) how much cheaper it might be to pull it myself, have it rebuilt, and
> reinstall myself  (of course this begs the next question....although I've
> done a lot of my own work, e.g. rebuilt the carbs, rebuilt the brake master
> cylinder and servo, pulled and reinstalled the water pump and the radiator,
> I've never pulled an engine.  I know I'd have to rent a cherry picker, and
> I'm imaging that pulling it may not be all that hard, the real question is
> how simple is it to reinstall, bolt it up to the transmissions and then
> have it run??
> Any input/suggestions/warnings about all of the above would be appreciated.
> Lance La Certe,   Denver, CO
> lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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