[ROVERNET - UK] Cost of rebuilding an engine

Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 3 02:36:21 BST 2005

Lance, I just finished rebuilding my 1980 V8. I used a good local machine 
shop. Their cost was 1200Cdn for an overbore, crank turning, valve job 
including guides and head and block resurfacing. I bought a Rimmers kit with 
9.5:1 (I think) pistons. It was during one of the specials where the cost 
was about 900Cdn. Add to that shipping and good ol taxes. There were some 
problems with the kit, which Rimmer addressed. The guides were standard and 
the valves were 0.005 under. I used the new valves with undersized guides. I 
also used a composite head gasket to allow for some compression reduction. I 
also replaced the rod, main and head bolts. With all parts and buying a new 
cam the total cost was under 3000. I did the assembly. I did not expect it 
to go to $3000-but then I have always gone overbudget in repairs.

The important thing is to find a good machine shop. There are US suppliers 
for the engine parts as well. The machine shop I used has a good reputation 
and they also do engine prep and assembly for a local gyrocopter 
manufacturer. (Subaru engines) Good customer interaction, detailed work and 
record keeping and regular communication regarding progress. If you are 
rebuilding it yourself I would suggest using a drill to drive the oil pump 
without the distributor to ensure that oil makes it up to the valve gear-it 
is easy to watch this with the valve covers off. It took about 5 minutes of 
steady drive to get the oil up  to the top. Even then, one lifter was noisy 
upon startup and took a couple of minutes to fill. This was after allowing 
the engine to sit for a few months while I completed the body work. I have 
very few km's on it yet but it is quiet and solid with good oil pressure.
All the best, Ron.

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>Hi All,
>Would appreciate some guestimates and responses from those who may have had
>an engine rebuilt.  The 'ol V8  (1970 'Federal' 3500S) has 185,000 miles
>and is really getting tired (oil pressure light is on most of the time at
>idle suggesting that the bearings are shot).  The transmission has been
>rebuilt, so it's just the engine I'm considering.  I'd like to know how
>much a rebuild would be: 1) If they pull, rebuild, and reinstall the engine
>and 2) how much cheaper it might be to pull it myself, have it rebuilt, and
>reinstall myself  (of course this begs the next question....although I've
>done a lot of my own work, e.g. rebuilt the carbs, rebuilt the brake master
>cylinder and servo, pulled and reinstalled the water pump and the radiator,
>I've never pulled an engine.  I know I'd have to rent a cherry picker, and
>I'm imaging that pulling it may not be all that hard, the real question is
>how simple is it to reinstall, bolt it up to the transmissions and then
>have it run??
>Any input/suggestions/warnings about all of the above would be appreciated.
>Lance La Certe,   Denver, CO
>lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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