[ROVERNET - UK] RE: rovernet Digest, Vol 35, Issue 8

S Manwell smanwell at sprintmail.com
Thu Oct 6 13:47:23 BST 2005

Hi Dirk,

A few random thoughts on this:

Dad and I will be meeting in Williamsburg, Mass. where many of our Rover 
parts are stored on the weekend of the 15th. There may be a gas tank 
there, and there are, I think, two rear bumpers that need work.  He's 
also headed to Maine to trade Volvos with Garrett Bourque on that trip.

I have front bumper parts here in Melrose, which should be 
straight-forward to re-chrome -- I'll take a closer look this weekend.

The automatic gearbox in my MkII (also in Williamsburg) works well 
except that it slips out of reverse until its warmed a bit.  (Anyone 
know if this issue can be adjusted away?)  I intend to replace the 
gearbox in this car with a 4-speed/overdrive 'box, so the automatic will 
be available -- not a perfect option, but at least a mostly known 
quantity.  I'm building up a second engine to go with the manual gearbox 
because the flywheel and clutch get mated to a different crankshaft on 
MkI and II 3 litres.


Dirk Burrowes wrote:

>Hi Kent,
>Well Ben has agreed an attempt at taking out the tank so that would at least
>let me run the car and better diagnose the transmission problem. Do you know
>whether the windscreen is the same in a P5/P5b coupe to a P5 saloon?
>James Dean has a parts car but it is a coupe. By the way I am in Mass.
>If the bumpers you have are OK and just need a few bumps and twists fixed
>then rechromed I am interested. Let me know what you need to get for them.
>I can arrange shipment.
>I think half the fun of owning a Rover is looking for parts and the
>satisfaction eventually bolting them on. The other half is working on Lucas
>electrical systems.

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