[ROVERNET - UK] Vacuum actuators in heater

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Mon Oct 10 12:42:58 BST 2005

Hi all
If the bearing is indeed sintered, then it has hundreds of tiny "pores" 
(like a sponge) that are meant to be filled with oil. Any machining of 
the material just burrs over the pores, rendering the bearing useless.
The way to rejuvenate a dry sintered bearing is to press it out and 
carefully soak it in hot oil for a few hours. Capillary action recharges 
the pores with oil.

I used to use this method to re-lube the central bearing of Smiths mains 
  powered clock motors where the motor temp used to dry the bearing out 
over time.

South Oz

geffandjulie wrote:
> I agree. I disassembled the motor. (that is the easy bit.  Removing the 
> A/C is the killer.) The shaft was dirty and scarred and ripped the brass 
> bushing out with it.  In so doing, the tines on the retainer were bent. 
> As far as I know, the only thing done to the motor by the shop was a new 
> or polished bearing, and new bearing retainer. Haven't reinstalled it 
> yet though...

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