[ROVERNET - UK] 1968? 2000TC parts or restore available in Monterey, California

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 17:53:38 BST 2005

There is a 2000TC at a British car repair shop in Seaside, California
(just north of Monterey) that needs a new home.  The shop proprietor
apparently stopped paying rent due to illness, alcoholism/drug problems,
or some such situation and the landlord has evicted him and is disposing
of the shop contents.  Most of the really desirable stuff is gone but
among the remaining items is the 2000TC, which has evidently been sitting
indoors for many years.  It is complete but its mechanical condition is
unknown.  It has black California plates and still has old registration
and other documents which seem to indicate it was last on the road in the
mid-80's.  It has a dented left rear door and the trunk lid doesn't close
properly but it's otherwise pretty straight.  The upholstery is dry but is
in much better than average condition, and the dash is not cracked.  All
the turn signal and taillight lenses are missing and I couldn't find them
in the shop.  They could be in a trash bag of debris in the trunk.  This
is best considered a parts car but it would yield lots of useful bits. 
The building owner is basically accepting all offers for the stuff at the
shop, and I think the car could be had for a paltry amount if not free. 
I'm still mulling over if I want to drag it home or not, but if someone
out there wants to beat me to it please do so!  He will probably start
arranging for the remaining stuff to be hauled to the dump, junkyards,
etc. by the end of this week so act quickly.  Anyone interested, please
contact me offline for the phone number.  Here's a link to a few pictures:



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