[ROVERNET - UK] 1968? 2000TC parts or restore available in Monterey, California

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Looks too good to part out! I probably have a complete set of lenses, most 
new, for whomever buys it.
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> There is a 2000TC at a British car repair shop in Seaside, California
> (just north of Monterey) that needs a new home.  The shop proprietor
> apparently stopped paying rent due to illness, alcoholism/drug problems,
> or some such situation and the landlord has evicted him and is disposing
> of the shop contents.  Most of the really desirable stuff is gone but
> among the remaining items is the 2000TC, which has evidently been sitting
> indoors for many years.  It is complete but its mechanical condition is
> unknown.  It has black California plates and still has old registration
> and other documents which seem to indicate it was last on the road in the
> mid-80's.  It has a dented left rear door and the trunk lid doesn't close
> properly but it's otherwise pretty straight.  The upholstery is dry but is
> in much better than average condition, and the dash is not cracked.  All
> the turn signal and taillight lenses are missing and I couldn't find them
> in the shop.  They could be in a trash bag of debris in the trunk.  This
> is best considered a parts car but it would yield lots of useful bits.
> The building owner is basically accepting all offers for the stuff at the
> shop, and I think the car could be had for a paltry amount if not free.
> I'm still mulling over if I want to drag it home or not, but if someone
> out there wants to beat me to it please do so!  He will probably start
> arranging for the remaining stuff to be hauled to the dump, junkyards,
> etc. by the end of this week so act quickly.  Anyone interested, please
> contact me offline for the phone number.  Here's a link to a few pictures:
> http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8IZNnDVwxbsMS
> Geoff
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