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I have been following this thread with particular interest while I was away 
at work because I knew that, when clearing out some old stuff from my 
paternt's house recently I came across a scrap-book I kept when I was just a 
youth in 1968 and starting to take an intetest in cars.  I arrive home last 
night and dug the scrap book out this morning.

It includes daily reports from the Daily Express of the original rally, 
unfortunatly I seem to have stopped just before the finish.  The Rover 
entrants (with first driver named) were :-
54 British Army Motoring Association, Major J.Hemsley, Rover 2000
44 British Army Motoring Association, Major M.Bailey, Rover 2000
99 17/21st Lancers Lieut M.G.Thompson, 2-wheel drive Land Rover

There are no pictures of these entries but there is a quote from Lieut Gavin 
Thompson on day 8 ,when they crossed the Kyber Pass.  "We dont have the 
speed but we shall arrive in Sydney in good shape while most of these flashy 
cars will be clapped out junk.  We have not even changed a sparking plug". 
The final report I have from December 17th, which I think may have been the 
day before the finish, by then the Land Rover was out, maybe he spoke too 
soon.  There is no mention of what went wrong or where but they did make it 
to Australia.  The two Rover 2000 were still running in the final report, 
car 54 was in 32nd place and car 44 was 49th.

Stewart Devlin

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> Freddy Preston drove the red TC, the P6B was definitely the Barr-Smiths, 
> but I can't remember who drove in the original event (wasn't born either!)
> Peter Huttemeier wrote:
>>On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 09:42:02 +0800, you wrote:
>>>As far As I know it was the P6B was a private entry in the 1993 
>>>recreation of the L to S... my uncle did the same event in a 1968 Holden
>>The info I have is that the car was driven by a father & son team by
>>the name of Barr-Smith. Maybe Freddy Preston was a third driver? Have
>>not been able to find any more info on the net other than a couple of
>>Volvo pages, specifically looking at Volvo entries. While there is
>>still a few pages on the original 68 marathon, not too much I can find
>>on the 93 (which was the 25th anniversary).
>>>Monaro. There was also a white Dutch-registered P5B Saloon and a Brigade 
>>>Red 2000TC on the same event.
>>There was a red TC in the original event, a British Army team. Same
>>Peter H
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