[ROVERNET - UK] Oil Leak

Ray Wilkins raywilk at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 08:06:31 BST 2005

I have found a slow oil leak around the pump/filter
area. The surrounding area is pretty oily but its hard
to exactly pinpoint where the oil is coming from. Its
not enough to affect my oil level to any great degree
but when the car has stood for a while small puddles
will appear directly under the front crossmember.

My first thought is to change the oil filter and the
oil to see if that is the problem. If not, then I'll
remove the oil pump cover and change the gasket
between the cover and the oil pump body and clean up
the surfaces if necessary. If that is the case is
there anything I need to look out for? Is it
imperative that I clog the gears on reassmbly with
petroleum jelly (as it states in the ROM) to ensure
the pump primes itself. Any help would be appreciated.

Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne Australia

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