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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 23:16:12 BST 2005

Although I am not motivated to advertise this P5 on
our website, I will post the following message I just
received from a chap in the Seattle, washington,
U.S.A. area.

I came across your site whilst trying to find a Rover
Car Club in the States... Not finding one, and noting
that you're reletively close to me (Seattle area) I
thought I'd shoot you an email.  
I came across an auctioneer who has a P5 sitting in
his carport.  He was auctioning it for some towing
company, and just couldn't bear seeing it sell to be
crushed.  I think he wants around $350 (the tow
company's fee) for it.  It was a theft recovery.
1963 (I think he said) P5 mk2 3liter sedan.  Someone
installed a Ford 6cyl engine.  Automatic.  Interior is
all there, and is suprisingly decent in my perusal of
it.  body - fair?  I gather it is typical rust through
in rear fenders, and the rear valence below bumper. 
Bumps and dents here and there on body but not too
many.  Bottom rear of LF fender is loose.  Half or
more of trim stripe on body is missing, as is the LR
door window piece.  Hubcaps are all there... I think. 
Grill is good.  Wood needs refinishing, of course. 
Interior is all there, from carpets to clock. 
I'd love to see this car find a home. It would stop me
from turning over in my mind how I could restore it
for myself... which I just don't have the time or
space to do.   As I say, it is located about 45 miles
north of Seattle.   If you know anyone who is
interested in the area, let me know.  I could go out
and take some pictures of it.  If you know somewhere I
can post this for Rover fans, please let me know.
Mark Apland
markthump at gmail.com

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