[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 3500S heater issues

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Sun Oct 23 22:33:40 BST 2005

I can do the scan, probably Wed night.


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I am having trouble with the heat on my 3500S.  The car is a 1970 factory
a/c vehicle which incorporates a different type of HVAC system then the
non-a/c cars.  So far I have determined with a temp gun that the water temp
in to the heater is about 40 degrees higher than the return water line going
back in to the engine block.  I can also confirm that the vacuum activated
hot water valve is allowing hot water past it and into the heater core.  If
the heater core is shedding the 40 degree difference in water temp then it
is not entering the passenger cabin.  I imagine that I have a vent flap
problem inside the HVAC housing.  

I would like to ask if anyone else has had such a problem and corrected it?
Also does anyone have a copy of the a/c section of Volume 2 of the factory
3500s manuals they can scan and email me,  I only have volume one and it
does not cover what I need to know.  

John Couch
Detroit, MI

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