[ROVERNET - UK] P6B Heater Problems

A.G. Opstal van agOpstal at poelmann.nl
Thu Oct 27 12:51:41 BST 2005


For 99% i'm sure there is too much air
in the system. Check the small hose which
leads from the radiator to the inletmanifold.
Remove the hose from the inletmanifold and 
see if the orifice is free. Often the hole
has slipped closed by whatever. Then fill
the raditor to the brim and start the engine.
You can feel the top radiator hose when the
thermostat begins to open. When the stat is
open let the engine still idle for some time.
After a few bursts of the throttle for releasing
possible air bubbbles close the rad and see if
the heater works.

Oh, and during all this set the heater at hot.

Good luck.
Lex van Opstal.

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The heater in my P6B does not appear to work. By that
I mean the heater control is pushed to hot but no hot
air is felt in the cabin although the fan is working.
If I lived through a Canadian winter, for instance,
the problem would have been addressed much earlier but
as it is I have just lived with it.
Whether it is related I am not sure but the top hose
to the radiator never seems to have any resistance
when I squeeze it (even after the engine has been
running for a while). I am wondering if there could be
a problem with the thermostat although the needle in
the temp gauge always stays in the green area. I'm
pretty sure no hoses are blocked as I had them out a
year ago when I changed the inlet manifold gasket.
Does anyone have any ideas or has it happened to them.
I am just glad it is the start of our summer!
Thanks in advance.

Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne Australia

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