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Well, Mark Goodall definitely had a British accent. He also is one person 
that I would not do business with again. I confirmed the name, etc. with a 
local British car parts rebuilding shop owner. He too has been screwed. Mark 
operated on ebay as mrgreenback and is located in Kissimmee, FL. I would 
advise avoiding any purchase from him unless you inspect it before purchase.

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> No, he's definitely American.  I'm always astounded by people who do
> business this way, and I've known a few in different fields.  Sometimes
> the most amazing thing is, they manage to avoid even being arrested for,
> never mind convicted of, any kind of crime.  This guy listed his cars
> through one of those auction dropoff companies, where you give them your
> stuff to sell on ebay and they take care of all the details.  That way he
> managed to piggyback on their good feedback record and distance himself
> from any direct retaliation from ebay.  They are partly culpable, I think,
> having allowed him to list his cars through them without their having ever
> even seen them, but they have been tarred by his actions and may end up
> closing.
> Lessons of the story?  1. Paying someone a few hundred bucks to inspect a
> high-dollar car purchase on ebay is money well spent.  A good friend of
> mine had a similar experience bringing a Lancia over from France, and has
> always had an inspection done since then.  2. Be especially careful buying
> things which are listed by these "auction dropoff" businesses.  I've had
> mostly very good experiences using ebay, but several of the less favorable
> ones have involved these kinds of companies.  People seem to use them to
> misrepresent items for sale, and distance themselves from the
> consequences.
>> Is this Harold  the German? or a different unsavory Harold? Being in the
>> Classic Car Business for 30 years in Ft Lauderdale, I have seen hundreds
>> of"specialists" of all shades come and go. Worst of all was William Von
>> Hove
>> of Exclusive Impex.I think he went through 3 corporate identities
>> without
>> leaving town. In 1989, his company bought the back page ads of
>> Thoroughbred
>> and Classic Cars.so, you can't judge by appearance.
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> of no possible service to him."
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