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steve bridge slbridge at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 8 13:04:30 BST 2005

Mike wrote: Several years ago, I started running my unmodified P6B on a 
mixture <br>&gt;which was petrol 15% and denatured ethanol 85%.  I got scant 
<br>&gt;motoring and zero politial interest.

  We have Corn surpluses, low corn prices, bright sunlight and the 
technology to make solar ethanol easily.
  I imagined my 10,000 gallon per year plant inspiring thousands of corn 
producers across South Dakota to sell their own fuel from the end of their 
driveway using credit cards in the pumps. We have the technology. Then I 
went back to the Alcohol,Tobacco, and Firearms website to find they have 
removed all info, forms, and refuse to return my phone calls.
  A war-for-oil, empire building conspiracy?  No doubts.  E-85 won't be 
"viable" until Exxon/Mobil owns all of the farm land.

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