Historic Restoration [WAS [ROVERNET - UK] Fuels and cars]

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sat Sep 10 10:52:45 BST 2005

Hi Paul
Yes, here in South Oz at least, if a part is considered to be made of 
unobtanium, substitution is allowed.

South Oz

Paul Smith wrote:
> Does it Have to be that original to get SI rego?
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>> Dave Read wrote:
>> > Plan A is to put my P6B on historic rego. To do that, I
>> > have to dump the Holley, Edelbrock and the wheels.
>> > ( I already belong to a historic registered club)
>> If I take plan A .....
>> Does anyone have a heap of pix of an original engine bay that I could 
>> use for reference for an under bonnet/hood restoration?
>> Looking at my pix, I guess I will also have to get rid of the Bosch 
>> alt and HEI dizzy and find Lucas ones <shudder>.
>> Cheers
>> Dave
>> South Oz

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