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Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sat Sep 10 14:22:32 BST 2005

Steve Pepper wrote:


  > Keeping a car original is nice, but it's far more important to keep 
it on the road and off a trailer!

The historic registration scheme here in South Oz is a concessional 
scheme designed to encourage restoration/perpetuation of older vehicle 
marques back to original, and keep their road use to club drives, shows etc.
This scheme does keep the vehicle "on the road and off the trailer" for 
a maximum period of 90 days in any one year.
If you had four vehicles on historic rego, you could drive all four 
during a year! There is no limit on nunbers you can register.

Quote .............
Conditional registration applies to a range of motor vehicles, which 
according to their use or construction, only require limited access to 
the road network. Vehicles such as historic vehicles and prescribed left 
hand drive vehicles, that are owned by financial members of a recognised 
motor vehicle club, and which are only driven on a limited number of 
journeys each year (ie, not for everyday use), are eligible for 
conditional registration.

In recognition of their limited use, no registration charge is payable. 
The only fees payable are an administration fee, number plate fee 
(unless number plates have already been assigned to the vehicle) and the 
premium for Compulsory Third Party Insurance.
Unquote .............

Historic rego has a financial concession/benefit to the owner.

There is nothing stopping me running my P6B as a daily driver in 
modified form (4.6L + Haltech ECU, Jag rear end), I would just have to 
pay the rego and insurance everyone else does!

 > Now what would really be nice is a law that's forces the oil
 > companies to sell petrol to us at the price it was when the
 > car was 1st registered.

Yeah so long as the pay rate of the day is considered as well.

In the "good old days" as an apprentice, I used to earn 6 pounds 12 and 
sixpence and spend 10 shillings out of that on fuel! (1949 Austin A40 
Devon - wish I had kept it now ;-))

South Oz

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