[ROVERNET - UK] VIN numbers

Trevor Colebrook TrevorColebrook at compuserve.com
Tue Sep 13 10:23:55 BST 2005


Write to:

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust
Archive Department
Heritage Motor Centre
Banbury Road
CV35 0BJ
Great Britain

and they will supply a Production Record Trace Certificate.

Fee is £25.00 or $US40.00
Payment may be sent in cash, cheque or credit card.

Essential information to give them is Make, Model, Chassis number (VIN),
and of course your name and address.

If available, they would also like to now engine number, body number,
registration number and date of first registration. 
(Body number is not the same as VIN number. Rover used bodies made by
outside contractors such as Pressed Steel Fisher who added their own serial


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