[ROVERNET - UK] Fuels and cars

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Fri Sep 16 11:26:36 BST 2005

Gavin.Walker at csiro.au wrote:
> Mike,
> The big problem is the V8 lpg setup I have is LPG only, whereas the SD1
> would work best with dual fuel.  That means some form of injection.

Why go to dual fuel? Just graft a throttle body on the inlet manifold, 
rip out the petrol tank and pump, install an LPG tank in it's place and 
LPG control unit and evaporator under the bonnet and voila!

> David,
>   How much do you reckon a second hand injection setup would cost
> (manifold, rails, injectors, ecu, pump)?  Or maybe I could splice that
> holley into it I have lying around ;)

With injection ....
Don't forget all the extra control relays, injector ballast resistor box 
and fuel regulator ... Wouldn't bother with an OEM setup ... too many 
parts. If you must use injection, invest in a digital Motec or Haltech 

IMHO, the Holley carb would be a simpler dual fuel option.

South Oz

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