[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s brake light switch

roger matheson rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
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Hi Peter,

G'day from Oz.  As I understand, the brake failure switch which you describe
relates to dual circuit systems and can be distinguished by five brake pipes
connecting into the unit.  In this case the brake switch is operated
mechanically by the  brake pedal and is behind it in the pedal box.  If you
don't have dual circuits the unit under the servo has three pipes connecting
to the unit and the brake light switch screws up from the underside and is
operated by hydraulic pressure.  I have had several such switches fail and
to get access I have found it necessary to undo the adjuster and move the
alternator right up to the water pump.  Assuming power is available in one
terminal and nothing else is faulty, then the brake lamps should illuminate
when you bridge the two terminals connecting to the switch.

Good luck cheers Roger
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> Hi all.
> Brake lights are out on the 3500S. I took a quick look this morning but
> found only the brake failure switch on the side of the servo. Manual
> locates it on the bottom of the servo, but it's not there. I'll be
> digging deeper this weekend, but can anyone tell me if the switch is
> fluid-operated or a contact switch, and where it is located?
> Thanks much,
> Peter
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