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James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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Gavin.I have the correct Holley on my SD1, which was originally fuel 
injection, but it needs needs to be rebuilt. It has been running rich and 
has clogged the right side catalytic converter; also the heat appears to 
have affected the starter, which is going bad. I was planning to have the 
Holley rebuilt, by a local shop who is good on Holley, I need to deal with 
the downpipes.We no longer have emission testing in Florida. I assume there 
must be a European set of downpipes available that bolt in place of the 
converters- Perhaps I should contact Pierre or Rimmer Brothers? what do you 
advise. Also, I have an inlet manifold with a pair of HIF6, I believe from 
an English landrover 3.5 that appear to have been rebuilt. It sounds like 
you have run both. What do you prefer? I am becoming more fuel cost 
conscious, as well., so could consider the SU's. Do they clear the bonnet 
with air cleaners attached? thank  you, James Dean, Ft.Lauderdale.
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  Ripping out the petrol tank doesn't help you in an SD1, it's under the
rear seat in front of the axle.  Before all the fuel prices went up I
spent some time ripping out the holley and manifold and fitting dual
strombergs, thinking I was just going to run petrol.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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