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Ray Wilkins raywilk at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 22 04:44:44 BST 2005

Dear Rovernetters,

I have just heard that the Australian Government has
opened up the possibility of using (more?) ethanol in
petrol. There was a bit of a 'hoo ha' (is that spelt
correctly?) here about the use of more than the
prescribed amount of ethanol in petrol (I think the
limit is 10%) and the risk of damage to engines. Now
most petrol (gas) pumps (bowsers) have a sign stating
that there is no ethanol in the petrol they sell. I
would be interested to hear other points of view as to
whether ethanol is good, bad or just doesn't matter.
Do other countries have ethanol in their fuel and if
so how much?

This leads me on to my car, a 1976 P6B which I
currently run on Shell Optimax (98 octane) plus a lead
additive. If ethanol is introduced in significant
amounts to our fuel, what effect is it likely to have
on an older engine? Again, I would love to get some
other points of view.

Ray Wilkins
Melbourne Australia

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