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   Not sure of rubber problems.
   In the 1973 oil embargo, americans started using ethanol as they did in 
WWII. In WWii, Gas was rationed but the crops still needed to be grown. The 
DOE says on their website that  ethanol does not affect rubber parts, but 
then again, unlike LBC owners,  they may not know rubber parts that are 
actually "rubber".
   Also, many use Ethanol and Mehtanol interchangably. Mehtanol is corrosive 
and will definately eat rubber parts, but even with all of the research I 
have done, I am not 100% sure of any potential damage by ethanol. The oil 
companies are not keen on ethanol and much misinformation has been published 
by people claiming to be unbiased.
  The University of Iowa has a great ethanol website. It says in this 
climate, a blend of E-70 in needed.  In Norway, they have pumps that let you 
choose your own blend from 10% to 85%.
  It takes 7 pounds of corn to make 1 pound of beef. A fact some point to as 
immoral when we have starvation on this planet. At least making ethanol from 
the corn gives us some clean fuel and makes the corn more digestable for the 
  Mother Earth News pulled a still from California to Washington with a new 
454 Chevy pickup back in 1980. The truck ran on 80 proof ethanol, no 
gasoline, as will most cars. (won't start on straight ethanol, but will run 
once started) They also had a sister truck that made the trip on wood smoke 
alone, but that is a whole 'nother thread.
  They made their ethanol with solar energy, as I plan to do with my plant. 
I would like to see the by-product of mash enriched, dried and shipped in 
blocks to the starving in the world. If you are starving, a 25 pound block 
of corn meal is salvation, but to a warlord, it is almost worthless, no 
reason to steal it, no market to sell it.
   Google: Mother Earth Ethanol    they did extensive research and have two 
models of stills, one cheap with "found" materials, the other $250 (in 1980 
dollars) and bigger. Both are Solar, cost $1 per gallon to produce and you 
still have the mash to feed.

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Answer Ray Wilkins question -<br>&gt;<br>&gt;As I have said before, I have 
run my P6B with ethanol levels of 85% <br>&gt;before performance becomes a 
serious issue.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;With Optimax, you don't really need an 
additive but I think BP <br>&gt;Ultimate is a tad 
sexier.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;Dear Rovernetters,<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;I have 
just heard that the Australian Government has<br>&gt;&gt;opened up the 
possibility of using (more?) ethanol in<br>&gt;&gt;petrol. There was a bit 
of a 'hoo ha' (is that spelt<br>&gt;&gt;correctly?) here about the use of 
more than the<br>&gt;&gt;prescribed amount of ethanol in petrol (I think 
the<br>&gt;&gt;limit is 10%) and the risk of damage to engines. 
Now<br>&gt;&gt;most petrol (gas) pumps (bowsers) have a sign 
stating<br>&gt;&gt;that there is no ethanol in the petrol they sell. 
I<br>&gt;&gt;would be interested to hear other points of view as 
to<br>&gt;&gt;whether ethanol is good, bad or just doesn't 
matter.<br>&gt;&gt;Do other countries have ethanol in their fuel and 
if<br>&gt;&gt;so how much?<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;This leads me on to my 
car, a 1976 P6B which I<br>&gt;&gt;currently run on Shell Optimax (98 
octane) plus a lead<br>&gt;&gt;additive. If ethanol is introduced in 
significant<br>&gt;&gt;amounts to our fuel, what effect is it likely to 
have<br>&gt;&gt;on an older engine? Again, I would love to get 
some<br>&gt;&gt;other points of 
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