[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s brake light mystery

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Thu Sep 22 23:36:21 BST 2005

When I disamantled the cork float switch in the brake fluid resevoir I was
suprised by the corrosion on the terminals.  I wonder whether the float has
failed and intermitant contacts with warmer fluid may explain the problem.
 Or, whether the handbrake switch is so close to contact that the heat from
the tunnel expands the metal components thereby making an intermitent circuit.
 Perhaps remove, clean and ajust and live a healthy life forever more.

cheers Roger

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>Hi all.
>My 3500s brake warning light comes on after I've been driving a while
>and the car is good and hot. It flickers as though it is being
>activated by the fluid in the reservoir, but both reservoirs are full.
>I don't have any warning sensors connected to the pads-they're all the
>newer type without them.
>After driving for about an hour, the light comes on more steadily,
>sometimes staying on for a few minutes then off again.
>Anybody have any idea what might cause this?
>Many thanks in advance,
>Peter King
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