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Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Fri Sep 23 12:42:31 BST 2005

Hi all

There is a mob here, SAFF (South Australian Farmers Fuel), that have
recently introduced 2 grades of Bio-unleaded (Ethanol mix) on pump.

South Oz

Ray Wilkins wrote:
> Dear Rovernetters,
> I have just heard that the Australian Government has
> opened up the possibility of using (more?) ethanol in
> petrol. There was a bit of a 'hoo ha' (is that spelt
> correctly?) here about the use of more than the
> prescribed amount of ethanol in petrol (I think the
> limit is 10%) and the risk of damage to engines. Now
> most petrol (gas) pumps (bowsers) have a sign stating
> that there is no ethanol in the petrol they sell. I
> would be interested to hear other points of view as to
> whether ethanol is good, bad or just doesn't matter.
> Do other countries have ethanol in their fuel and if
> so how much?
> This leads me on to my car, a 1976 P6B which I
> currently run on Shell Optimax (98 octane) plus a lead
> additive. If ethanol is introduced in significant
> amounts to our fuel, what effect is it likely to have
> on an older engine? Again, I would love to get some
> other points of view.
> Regards,
> Ray Wilkins
> Melbourne Australia

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