[ROVERNET - UK] 1953 Rover P4 starter motor, now P6 Starter parts

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To Dirk: I'm afraid I'm of no use to you at all, sorry.

To Paul: If you are referring to the inertia type starter (no 
solenoid on starter), then starter parts are reputed to be easily 
available because the Lucas starter was (is) quite common on several 
Ford model tractors and other farm/industrial equipment.

Now as to the nuts and bolts of getting the gear, I would start by 
calling a rebuilder, preferably somebody more on the farm/industrial 
side, and asking, giving the numbers off the starter case. Most 2000 
starters are M45 models, early SCs used a M418 model. The M45 is the 
common unit in the world, it seems.

There are few variations on the gear itself, limited I think to 
length and probably number of the pinion teeth. The last time I 
talked to a rebuild shop, earlier this year, there seemed no concern 
about getting replacement parts for a M45, though it turned out my 
trouble was a nearly disconnected engine to base unit ground strap.


>I have two 2000 starters with broken pinions; does anyone know a 
>source of these??
>I have a P4 starter in the SC now as a result.
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>>Hi all,
>>Well I have done it again I purchased a P4 75 1953 in California. It is a
>>nice car and it was sold to me for about half of what it will cost to ship
>>it from California to Mass.
>>One problem though the starter motor has a broken pinion gear and I need a
>>new starter. The car starts and runs with the crank but both the current
>>owner and the transport company is concerned that the driver of the truck
>>will have trouble. Unfortunately to keep the cost down for shipping I have
>>to have the car sent to a depot in the south and then loaded on a different
>>truck to come up to Mass that's where the problem will occur. If anyone has
>>a starter that they are willing to sell me that will fit and works the
>>current owner of the car has offered to change it for me.
>>I can pay by a direct wire transfer to your account and you can use my UPS
>>number to ship it directly to CA for me.
>>If anyone cares to call me my cell is 978-502-2289
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