[ROVERNET - UK] Racing Rovers

Tomas Börjeson tmastaff at tripnet.se
Fri Sep 30 17:02:19 BST 2005

There were the successful SD1's racing Volvo 240 Turbos etc. in the BTCC in 
rhe eighties. Also , there is the Rover single seater that was used in club 
racing after the war.
(And made a huge amount of noise going around the streets in Borås, Sweden 
last year)


At 16:05 2005-09-30, you wrote:
>Apart from the odd SD1 and the P6 special that raced here in Australia, 
>does anyone know of any other racing rovers?
>Where there any 20s or 30s specials which raced at major meetings?
>The question was asked of me at a Vintage Sports Car Club meeting here in 
>Melbourne recently and i can't find any references.
>Alan Gale
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