[ROVERNET - UK] Mystery part 3500 S NADA

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 5 07:04:31 BST 2006

This Ranco switch actually uses an inner and outerknob, and combines the 
functions of 2 switches into one switch .I have the knobs and faceplate if 
anyone needs them.  I have the rare parts catalogue supplement #605775,  for 
US 2000 and 2000TC, that includes the AC system, which lists   this switch 
559226, called switch, thermoststic control. It fits a 69 2000TC, not a 
3500S.It also fits series II XKE and Jaguar 420. The 67 420 Jag system was 
made in England by Delenair, same as the 69 Rover 2ooo system. I do not know 
who made the XKE system; probably Delenair.I sold a Ranco switch to an XKE 
owner, but it had one bad speed, same as his. I had to exchange it with the 
one from my 69 2000TC, so am missing one.. Does anyone know if this Ranco 
switch is still made? I would buy this one if the buyer in Canada has a 
3500S; and cannot use it. It is a different switch. JamesDean, Ft. 
Lauderdale   jaguru at bellsouth.net
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> Hi,
> I have a NOS mystery part that I'd like help in
> identifying.
> 1. In Rover box part #559226
> 2. Marked as "switch"  and produced in 1969
> 3. On the switch: amrked as Ronco
> 4. Has a temperature sensing coil from the switch and
> coiled up beside the switch
> 5. Brass control rod turns about 270 degrees
> In the Rover parts book of 1970 it is listed at
> US$25.00
> Any ideas?
> Eric
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