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If you find that organizations such as the RSTCA are allowed to  
duplicate out-of print manuals with no copyright problems, I would be  
willing to help you with the task. I do not have the capability to  
scan multiple pages at once, but can batch scan and convert to pdf. I  
do it every day in my business. Let me know what you find out.

By the way, the site looks great so far!


Peter King

On Apr 6, 2006, at 10:25 PM, Stephen JC Beer wrote:

> Hello all.
> I am finally making some progress on the update / revise of the  
> RSTCA website.
> My hat is off to Glen WIlson for all the effort and time he must  
> have put in on the first go around.
> Seeing Glen's posting on the original site of a Service Manual  
> Supplement got me thinking. If we could provide a database of  
> copyright-free older manuals we would be doing the worldwide Rover  
> community a good service. The moment any new Citroen DS owner joins  
> their list they are immediately directed to the vast database of  
> FREE downloadable parts manuals, service manuals, bulletins, etc.  
> for the various DS models. These people will even burn it all onto  
> a disc for you if you pay for postage. These files are invaluable.
> I think for the greater Rover good we should do this -- but it is a  
> large undertaking and I could not do it alone. I can host this  
> stuff on my server and put it together into a clean, easily  
> accessible format -- but if someone knows of a way to digitally  
> scan many pages at a time, the job might be feasible. I can then  
> convert these scans to downloadable PDF files which could be  
> accessed from the site. I have the factory Rover 2000 Service  
> Manual, an Owner's Manual, and P2 books (which may have copyright  
> issues that would need sorting as I had to purchase them from an  
> official Rover Club). This stuff should be free, dagburnit!  Its  
> tough enough to keep these lovely cars running. ;-)
> The work in progress...
> http://beerinc.com/rstca
> Cheers,
> Stephen Beer
> Milan, NY
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