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WOW...lots of work on your hands here !!  The first place to look is beneath 
each of the cars...I suspect that rot and rust will play a major role in 
what you will be able to restore within reason. The bumperets on the 3500S 
look interesting...it may be possible that the other cars have ones that 
will fit but if I recall they normally don't interchange . The buick engine 
(215 ci) is the one Rover put into the P6B with a few mods...however the 
majority of the parts are exactly the same. Over ten years is a long time 
for these cars to be sitting in such conditions but with enough time and 
money almost anything can be restored. I personally have enough P6B parts 
for sale to completly build at least one car and many others have parts for 
sale as well so if you can't find them new (and many new parts are still out 
there) then finding a good used part is not a problem. The big thing is to 
have a decent base to begin with...and for that it is up to you to decide.
 Good luck and welcome to the Rover bug :)


 Dennis Brooks (N.B. Canada)
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> All
> I tried posting on this topic but it didn't seem to come through to the
> list. I just purchased three Rover P6, all of which are in very rough
> condition. The cars were bought from a British car enthusiast who has 
> owned
> them for many years. The last one was driven 10 years ago when it was
> crashed into a telephone pole.
> I am not sure of the years as I agreed with the seller if he could hold on
> to them until I find a place to store them but one is a 2000TC, the other 
> is
> a 2000TC with a 2000SC engine and the last one is a 3500S V8. The cars 
> also
> come with a truck load of parts (his wife wants them out).
> The crashed one will probably yield a lot of good parts as it was fully
> restored before it was crashed. I plan to part this one out and hopefully
> use the parts to restore the 3500S. I am not sure what I will do with the
> other 2000TC as it is fairly complete and it would be a shame to part it.
> I'm familiar with these cars because my father owned one when I was a 
> child.
> It was a P-Reg 3500 (1976) Auto, with Tobacco exterior and beige cloth
> interior. It was a very sweet car that was unfortunately totaled when the
> interior was stolen from it. Since then I have always liked these cars.
> These are the first Up's that I have since sine I moved from the UK to the
> US.
> I don't know what I have yet, or what it would take to bring the cars back
> as they are still being kept at the owners premises, I have 3 classic
> Mercedes Benz cars myself at my house and hence have no space for these
> cars. They were parked close to a lake and hence are covered in mildew.
> So questions:
> 1. Are there any US members on this list and if there are, who lives in 
> the
> South East? I have already talked to a gentleman in TX.
> 2. I between the three cars, I am pretty much set on body parts, but can
> anyone tell me if the mechanical parts are easily sourced in the US?
> 3. Has anyone figured out what is interchangeable between the Buick 215
> engine and components and the Rover 3.5?
> For any who are interested, here are some pictures of the cars.
> http://www.w108.org/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=Rover-P6
> I have restored two older Mercedes Benz cars in the past year, it appears
> that there are a lot of MB guys who like Rovers. I think the 3500S is
> probably going to be the toughest restoration of them all as I have never
> bought back a car that looked like that!
> Thoughts, opinions and advice are always appreciated.
> With best regards
> Al
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