[ROVERNET - UK] Just purchased three Rover P6

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Nice work on the Benz. The Rover unibody is prone to severe rot especially 
sitting in the grass for a few years and there may not be as much there to 
work with as you might like....but here's hoping. As for the 
snakes..LOL...you might be bringing home some real BIG surprises for the 
wife !!

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> Dennis
> Thanks for advice. Restorations are nothing new to me and floor pans etc 
> are
> not all that scary.
> I restored a Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 that was quite rusty underneath and
> documented it in phases.
> See http://www.alabbasi.net/450SEL.htm for pictures of the restoration.
> I also restored a rust free 73 Mercedes Benz 280SEL after a lady rear 
> ended
> me in a Dodge Durango. Here are the pictures for this restoration:
> http://www.w108.org/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=73-280SEL-Restoration-Pictures
> Is there any structural component that makes a restoration of such a car a
> deal breaker?
> I am actually more concerned about the wiring as the car was sitting by a
> lake for a long time in a field. I don't know if mice or snakes have 
> climbed
> in there (I know that there are snakes because a 5ft long black and yellow
> one slid past me just as I drove up!).
> I should have more details once I unbolt the parts and take a look
> underneath.
> Many thanks for your thoughts and opinions.
> With best regards
> Al
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