[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6 wheels on EBAY

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Good morning

Where can a person see an image of the chrome Magnum500 wheel you referred 

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> Rudiger,
> These are Magstar wheels.  They were accessories for North American market 
> P6 Rovers in roughly 1966 through 1968.  They were made for Rover North 
> America by Kelsey Hayes before Rostyle wheels were available from the UK. 
> Kelsey Hayes has been making wheels for many different auto manufacturers 
> since at least the 1920's.  The other well known application for Magstars 
> was the Shelby-modified Ford Mustangs (different rim size and bolt pattern 
> though).
> Magstar wheel center caps are available from Shelby Mustang sources, but 
> for some reason they have a cobra head where the viking ship should be.
> To answer the bolt pattern question that always comes up next, the Rover 
> Magstars have the same bolt pattern and stud size as the standard P6 
> wheel, but they require unique lug nuts.  The chrome Magnum500 wheel, on 
> the other hand, requires a different hub with different bolt circle and 
> different size lug nuts.  The Magnum 500 was offered at the same time as 
> an option for NADA Rover 2000's and also made by Kelsey Hayes for Rover. 
> The similar-looking chrome Rostyle wheel replaced this wheel as an option 
> sometime in 1968 and, thankfully, it fits the standard P6 hub.
> Taking a further step into the obscure, the Magnum500 was also an option 
> on many other American cars from each of the major makes including GM.  I 
> speculate that GM would not allow Kelsey Hayes to supply Magnum 500's to 
> Rover with the P6 bolt circle, because many (most?, all?) GM cars used the 
> same pattern.  I don't believe any GM cars used the Magstar wheel, so that 
> may explain why it does use the P6 bolt pattern.
> Obscuriously,
> Steve Manwell
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>>"Kelsey Hayes" wheels?
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