[ROVERNET - UK] A 1967 2000TC that I'm looking at...

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Thu Apr 20 18:07:26 BST 2006

I've posted some pictures of a 1967 2000TC that I'm thinking about 
buying. Someone just got out of their car and told me about this one 
while I was towing a 3500S. It has 40,000 "original" miles on the 
odometer, but it doesn't look like a 40k car based on the front carpets, 
if nothing else. The seller has a slightly inflated idea of what it is 
worth, but we're working on that. If I don't buy it in a week or two, I 
will let you all know where it is.


Currently, it is not running, and there's no way to evaluate the 
hydraulics as it sits. There is a problem with the shifter which is 
reportedly a bad ball at the bottom of the shift lever. There is an 
aftermarket radio. Chrome is not too bad. Only body rust I see is one 
tiny bubble near the top of one rear wheel lip where some mud is 
trapped. Trunk floor has some surface rust. Didn't look under carpets in 
front, but that's probably all right. Checked under rear seats where 
suspension attaches to base unit and it's clean. Air cleaner is missing 
in photos, but it is present. Looks like an SD1 emblem on grille. Three 
of four seating positions look not too bad, though discolored. Small 
rips on top of back seat. Driver's seat is split. Car has been resprayed 
in a not-so-bad manner, but car needs to be repainted. Some surface rust 
on bottoms of rear door painted over. Right front fender color doesn't 
match door color in pics, but it was not apparent in person. (?) Rubber 
on side windows bad.

Pictures are fairly large files to show detail, but they don't fit into 
the album borders because I wanted to show full detail. You have to pan 
around a bit to see everything, but AlbumGV makes a nice simple album in 
about five minutes.


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