[ROVERNET - UK] A 1967 2000TC that I'm looking at...

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 20 19:16:30 BST 2006

Hi Glen,

Amazing level of useful photos you've posted:

Looks like the front servo has a leak by the weaping on it. Looking at wear 
on steering wheel, gear shift knob, seats and carpets you'd be looking at 
least 90k miles not 40k. It has lights fitted on dash (in an odd place) for 
an icealert system, but no unit mounted on front bumper.

Obviously had a dodgy respray by the overspray on the door card. By the 
marks on the dash pad, maybe a leak in the front windscreen.

It does have the ET head rests which are cool.

If you're seriously looking into buying, (might be teaching your grandmther 
to suck eggs here!) I'd take off one of the rear wings, the hinge panal for 
the boot lid below the rear deck looks a little rusty. Just checking the 
base unit hidden behind the wings would be a good thing.

I've only had a P6 for six monthes or so, so my views are most lickly a 
little off. But i have been checking out ones in scrap yards in England 
before I bought one myself- just to find out what rusts.....

I'd like to know how this works out.


Steven Dibdin

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