[ROVERNET - UK] Junk on Rovernet?

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 25 20:10:40 BST 2006

--- Ali Al-Abbasi <alialabbasi at hotmail.com> wrote:

> One real solution to this is to create web based
> forum with different 
> sections. You can then have a technical section and
> an open discussion 
> section.
One of my favourite places is the P6 Rover Owners'
Club forum in the UK.  I made the link easier for me
and a service to others by creating a hotlink on our
website under "Communicate".
In that forum, a moderator could set subsections for
the various Rover models, or subsections for general
chat, subsections on electrical, engine, transmission,
etc., etc.
I have set up a forum with the same software as the P6
ROC for a Teachers' Association here in BC.  If there
was an interest in the forum, that is something I
could easily do.  However, it might be more fun for
interested Rovernetters to join the P6 ROC forum as it
is well established and has a good archive and an
interesting variety of subsections.


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