[ROVERNET - UK] Brakes dual system

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 14:23:57 BST 2006

Hi Jeff and Julie,

I've just done a rebuild on both the servos on my 2000TC. After much help 
and advice from Eric Russell and Ruth Burgess. The symptoms you mentioned 
sound pretty familiar. Firm/dead pedal feel=no servo effect. Slow release of 
brakes means the air valve isn't seating properly and letting atmospheric 
pressure in (effect putting the brakes on with you.).

Lose of fluid with out an obvious leak could mean its filling the vacuum 
chamber on the servo. Eric's tip was to pull out the vacuum hose and the 
check valve on the vacuum chamber and tape a piece of rag on the end of some 
wire. Insert into the hole and see if it comes out with brake fluid on the 
rag. This saves you having to take it apart to find out if its leaking. If 
you do have to at least you can rebuild the servos, the kits are out there, 
I got mine from Ruth Burgess at ABC

One question: You said you knocked off the top of the air valve when you 
where working on the system, did you lose the spring that helps the valve 
seat? if that's gone it can stop the valve closing reliably. I'm guessing 
that you have a 3500s with the air valve on the master cylinder? From what 
I've seen I think the air valves are pretty similar on both the 3500s and 
the 2000TC except the 2000 has them on the servo units instead of on the 

Check out the RCCC website they have a fair amount of stuff on servo 
rebuilds etc....

Any way, I hope my ramblings help in some way. It's stuff I've learnt from 
others on RoverNET to be honest.


Steven Dibdin

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