[ROVERNET - UK] Born again in Spring

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Sat Apr 29 23:39:12 BST 2006

Hi Folks
            Today the 29th April 2006 I backed my wonderful old P5 out of
the barn and into the early spring sunshine on Canada's east coast province
of Prince Edward Island. This is the first time ever, I have put the Rover
back on the road so early, its usually mid May before its fit to venture
outside with the old girl. I changed the oil and anti freeze, charged the
battery, cleaned the gas line filter bowl, tapped the electric fuel pump and
away she went. Just returned from a short drive around the neighbourhood
just letting them know I'm still about. Will take her to church tomorrow,
yes I'm a rover enthusiast re-born.
                        Roverrebirthious  (for Kent)
1967 Rover P5 Mk3   4Sp O/D

born in Belfast, Northern Ireland,
Author of "lily and me" a great book and a great read .
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