[ROVERNET - UK] Road Atlanta vintage races

Ali Al-Abbasi alialabbasi at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 30 08:50:20 BST 2006

I went out to Road Atlanta yesterday to see the vintage cars races. I cannot
believe the number of British cars out there. Not racing but just at the
event and in the parking lot.

Included in the list of MG's and TR6's I found:
1.A Rover SD1,
2.A Daimler SP250 (first one that ive seen since I came to the US 6 years
ago and one of the 200 or so cars that are in my top 10)
4.The cleanest Triumph Stag that I have seen ever (and the Only one in the

It was a fun event, I have to make sure that I head back there next year.

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