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I just did a bit of research, and find that Motor Wheel Corporation 
made the Magnum 500 wheels, they are very common on the American 
Muscle car scene.

The Magstars are a Kelsey-Hayes product.

BTW, new Magnum 500 and new Magstars are available, though not in any 
Rover suitable sizes. The Magstars are $350 US each.


>Vern Klukas wrote:
>>OK, now we're getting into it.
>>I have a TC brochure, using much of the same photography, quotes 
>>and text as the brochure on the Hemmings site but with these 
>>The feature car is April yellow, and of course does not have the 
>>paint patches under the badges.
>>The Magnum 500 wheel photo is identified as a "Magtype road wheel" 
>>and the text specification states that "Ro-style" drawn steel with 
>>chrome plated spoke sections and rim are optional, unlike the 
>>Hemmings brochure, which mentions both the Magnum and the Magstar 
>>by name.
>My understanding was that the Magnum 500 wheels used in the USA were 
>made by Kelsey Hayes and sourced in the USA. They were used on 
>sporty Dodges and Plymouths as well as on Shelby Mustangs.
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