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>  >>I have a TC brochure, using much of the same photography, quotes and
>text as the brochure on the Hemmings site but with these exceptions:
>The Magnum 500 wheel photo is identified as a "Magtype road wheel"
>and the text specification states that "Ro-style" drawn steel with
>chrome plated spoke sections and rim are optional, unlike the
>Hemmings brochure, which mentions both the Magnum and the Magstar by
>According to James Taylor the Magstars were discontinued as an option for
>the 2000 for the 1968 model year when the car was "federalised" - the Magnum
>remained an option after that. So if he's right - and I would suggest he's
>more likely to be right than anyone else - your brochure is most likely one
>for 1968 or later cars.

No, No, No. The Rostyles became the only wheel option in 1968. The 
Magnum 500 wheel was eliminated sometime during 1967 in favour of the 

See, it is happening again, confusion over Magnum wheels vs Rostyle wheels.

My brochure should be for the 67 model year as the Magstars and 
Magnums are shown, but the magnums are not named as such, but rather 
it implies that the Magnums are now Rostyles. On the other hand, the 
brochure shows a dual brake booster in the engine compartment, and 
that arrived in 1968.

>So if the Magstars were discontinued as a factory option before the P6B
>arrived these were never original Rover options for the V8 cars, though I
>suppose some dealers may have added them. Certainly my 3500S owner's
>handbook doesn't list any wheels in the options section, which suggest
>Rostyles weren't an official Rover option for the V8 either.

Magstars do not show up in the parts books at all,or for that matter 
in any optional equipent list I have every seen. The only place I 
have seen them promoted is in the TC brochures.


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