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Thanks for posting these photos.  What you have posted so far is all 
from before mid 1967, i.e. before the 1968 model year.  These photos 
show Magnum 500 wheels (chrome) and Magstar wheels (alloy center, steel 
rim painted black).  One of the many curve balls in all this is that the 
3rd photo from the top, showing the two types of wheel, shows the 
Magstar with a chrome rim.  Ford bought Magstars for Shelby Mustangs 
with chrome rims, but Rover North America went for black painted rims.

I wish I had a scanner...  who can send Eric a scan of a later brochure 
or press photo showing Rostyles on a 1968, '69 or '70 2000?

Here a couple more tidbits:

The price list dated 4-66 lists as options for the "Rover 2000 TC Sports 
"NA 9000  'MAGNUM 500' wheels (5) factory installed (available after 
June 1966)  $125.00"
"NA 9001  'MAGSTAR' wheels (5) $125.00"

The 3/16/66 price list for the "Rover 2000 Sports Sedan" (on the back of 
the 4-66 TC price sheet !) lists no wheel options

The price list dated 1/67 lists as options for the Rover 2000 Automatic:
"NA 9001  'MAGSTAR' wheels (5) $125.00"
Magnum 500's are not listed

I'll have to dig further for later option lists...


Eric Russell wrote:

>I accepted the Road Wheel Challenge.
>I scanned brochures I have showing wheel options.
>Most of the brochures have no copyright date.
>You can find a web-album here:
>< http://www.roverclub.ca/wheeloptions.html >
>The Rover Car Club of Canada -  www.roverclub.ca
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