[ROVERNET - UK] The price of performance

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Hmmmm; a 2000 for <$3000 is the go then.


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Quite true and similar to the situation in Australia then and now!

The standard 2006 BMW 320i sedan (6 speed manual, 2.0 litre 4 cylinder) 
is about A$50,000 (about US$38,500!) plus on-road costs (dealer 
delivery, state stamp duty, registration etc) plus any expensive options 
that are often fitted. It has 110kW of power (~150hp). The local GM 
outpost Holden has just released prices for their new VE generation 
Commodore range due in August, which is the first car to be spun off the 
new global GM "Zeta" rear wheel drive platform. The high performance SS 
model which has the GM 6.0 L V8 with 270kW (~366hp) and 6 speed manual 
gearbox is listed at A$44,990 (~US$34,600). To get similar performance 
from a BMW (barring the E46 M3 which has now finished production) you 
would need to go for the A$98,500 (~US$75,800) 330i which has 190 kW of 
power (~258hp).

But I doubt whether buyers of these vehicles would even consider the other!

Andrew E

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