R: [ROVERNET - UK] Wheels and press photos

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Wed Aug 2 12:08:52 BST 2006


No not yet.  I'll have to get a scanner or borrow one.  Hopefully I can 
get the photos scanned and our crack team of webmasters (Stephen and 
Glen) can post them on the RSTCA web page; maybe some will fit into 
Eric's wheel page too.

The updated RSTCA pages are here:       http://beerinc.com/rstca 

We also maintain links to the main RSTCA pages (and to RCCC's Rovernet 
page) here:    http://clubs.hemmings.com/frameset.cfm?club=rovercar
(Right click to open the links in a new browser window or else you have 
to look at Hemmings banners at the linked pages.)

Ruotolo Gianluca (DD) wrote:

>Dear Steve,
>	extremely interesting.
>Do you have some phothos of these brochures on a web site?
>Best regards, Gianluca.

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