R: [ROVERNET - UK] Diluition of Dinitrol

peter king peter at king-co.com
Wed Aug 2 20:47:01 BST 2006

There is definitely a benefit to sticky undercoating. After driving  
for some time, the tacky surface should create a thicker skin from  
the dust, etc.  When I lived in Vermont in the '80s, there was an  
undercoating operation that sprayed used motor oil on the  
undercarriage and inside rocker panels and other water traps. Then  
you would be instructed to drive out to a sand pit behind the house  
and run the car around a dirt track a few times. When you were done,  
the oil had attracted a lovely crusty coat of sand, and off you went,  
confident in another rust-free season. My car didn't look too pretty,  
but it never rusted out from the underside!


On Aug 2, 2006, at 2:28 PM, Anders Hedelund Larsen wrote:

> It IS sticky, and it should stay sticky :-)
> ...Anders HL
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