[ROVERNET - UK] wire wheels - mounting

Jim Cumberland fjcumberland at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 3 23:48:14 BST 2006

I decided to start a new thread because this is a little OT from the other one.  When I get tires mounted on my wheels, would it make sense to send the wheels to Dayton or another reputable specialist.  The local tire shop has been very good ot me, but when I asked them if they did wire wheels they said "we can."  Not confidence inspiring . . .. 

My knowledge of wire wheels is pretty minimal.   This is the first set I've had.  

I assume that I need a band for each wheel.  Is there anything else that I shiould have done to them (any special valcve stem, etc.)?  What about tubes, even though the tires will be brand-new radials?  Also, any suggestions on tire brand?   I usually get Michelin, but have thought about a set of red or gold banded tires, maybe with thin white walls, if I can get them.



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