R: R: [ROVERNET - UK] Diluition of Dinitrol

Anders Hedelund Larsen anders at xoz.dk
Fri Aug 4 07:53:25 BST 2006

No problem, it will be harder - and hard enough - over time, and yes, in 
comparison the thick thing for noise reduction gets quite hard and 
brittle - all too often too hard and brittle.

Old Volvos, which were among the first to use anti corrosion, are long 
lasting, but rust severely when the Dinitrol finally gets brittle as well.

Unless: On such cars (also my Lancia 1980) new anti corrosion should be 
applied as two layers of the sticky thing - to possibly soften and creep 
behind cracks in the original: http://www.xoz.dk/ahl/auto/protect/

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