[ROVERNET - UK] Wheels - Lots of info...

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Aug 4 16:15:56 BST 2006

> My Aug 66 parts book (SC only )shows only the steel wheel, #534814, as 
> does my Sept 74 book (all models).
> Likewise for wheel stud (front) 545510
> Front hubs 538808 are  shown the same  in both books.
> Neither book has any reference in either the normal or optional 
> equipment section of anything related to wire wheels, Mstar, M500, or 
> Rostyle, or any related hub/nut/ stud etc.

I would think that in 1966 there probably was not a separate parts 
manual for export cars like US models, but later on there were some 
separate parts manuals and supplements that showed parts used on NADA 
cars that are not listed in the standard UK parts manual. At the moment, 
there's a Rover 3500 NAS Parts Catalogue RTC9852CA for the SD1 on my 
desk. In addition to that, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the buyer 
was able to order options from the factory that are not shown in the big 
parts manual. At least some of these wheels were sourced in the USA, and 
it would have been a little crazy to ship them to the UK and ship them 
back to the US. I have always assumed that some of these wheels were 
shipped from US manufacturers directly to dealers and installed by the 


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