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Sat Aug 5 19:07:24 BST 2006

>The official Rover parts list for the 2000TC, part number 4816 dated 
>September 1966, has a part number for "Magnum" wheels as used on 
>America Dollar Area cars (560241). Unfortunately it does not have 
>any depiction of this wheel. There is no mention of Ro-Style wheels 
>(part number 565621) which were introduced later.
>Pierre Janusz

That is my 66 parts book as well, Pierre.

Does anybody have a TC or full range parts book with a fall 67 date? 
That is the one (the full range one at least) that I recall listing 
all three wheels, plain, Magnum and Rostyle, with the Magnums listed 
as NADA only.

I have a set of service newsletter that, in June of 1968, offers up a 
list of parts required to fit Rostyle wheels to any Girling-braked P6.

The list includes front hubs and the rear top links, a new support 
arm for the boot the wheel nuts and, of course, the wheels.

I think that would be conclusive of Rostyles being the optional 
wheel, world wide, by early 1968 at the latest.


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