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About the preload, get it wrong and the only thing you will ruin are 
the hubs, no need to worry about the diff. Too much preload and, as 
Eric says, you will overheat the hubs and the bearings will not last. 
Too little, they won't overheat but the bearing will rapidly wear and 
you certainly will have a vibration from the get go, perhaps even 
quite a load noise ( the first hubs I rebuilt I did not use the 
spring scale method, they were setup too loose and the customer 
complained mightly about the bearing rattle coming from the back of 
the car.)


>Some of us have gently straightened the spacer just
>enough to minimize the crush.  You don't have to try
>to straighten it like new.  Be sure to use a spring
>gauge as per the manual to get the correct preload on
>the bearing.  Otherwise overheating and bearing
>trouble may result.
>Ruth may have some, however.  I don't know her stock
>position. Peter Heaster made some at one point.
>--- Larry <lewill at ctcweb.net> wrote:
>>  Has anyone rebuilt a rear hub on a TC? It looks
>>  pretty straight forward
>>  except the "new collapsible spacer". Is it necessary
>>  to get a new one? I
>>  have a nasty vibration and you can see that the axle
>>  is bent so I am using
>>  and old hub and want to rebuild it before I install
>>  it. Thanks in advance.
>>  Larry
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