[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC Towing Question

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Aug 6 04:47:12 BST 2006

I had a call from someone who will be towing a 2000TC about 250 miles. 
Going with a full trailer that gets all four wheels off the ground will 
mean renting a truck, as well, because the trailer needs the electric 
brake hook-up. (Most companies here won't even rent you a full trailer 
unless you rent a truck at the same time.) The other option is the use 
of a two-wheel dolly, which always raises several questions.

Can he put the manual transmission in neutral and tow the car with the 
back wheels on the ground without damaging anything? Due to the location 
of the car, it sounds like it will be pretty difficult to get under it 
to disconnect the halfshafts or driveshaft.

What's the consensus of opinion on this? Any comments appreciated.

I've towed an SD1 with the front wheels on the ground, but that had a 
steering column lock. This TC is either a '67 or '68 and probably 
doesn't have a steering column lock.


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