[ROVERNET - UK] 1954 P4 90 brake master cylinder rubber seals

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Dear Nikola,

We can supply these kits (Genuine Girling ones) at £17.50 plus postage. 
They are so light that there is litlle point in getting your relatives 
to bring one back. The cost of airmail to Australia is hardly any more 
than the cost of sending it within the UK, and the costs of travelling 
to collect one is likely to be even more than the total cost of postage 
to Australia.


Pierre Janusz
RPS (Rover Parts Services)
11, Polworth Road,
London SW2 3TR,
United Kingdom.
Tel/fax:  + 44 20 8696 9645

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Wondering if anyone knows where to source rubber seals (two seals and 
rubber boot) for brake master cylinder for P4 90 (1954 same on 1955 90 
and 54-59 "60" and "75" I believe- later years and models are 
different). I am based in Australia and have relations visiting England 
in coming weeks and could bring back for me. 
Thanks in advance 
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