[ROVERNET - UK] New P6 owner questions

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 00:55:35 BST 2006

--- Nathan Obuch <nathanobuch at yahoo.com> wrote:

> 1.) When doing rear brake work, would it be a bad
> idea to unbolt the rear hub assemblies and pull the
> complete axle & hub out sideways, rather than
> splitting the DeDion tube? 

**You only want to pull out the hub assemblies (I
think you mean the drive axles) if you have an oil
leak onto the brake rotors and you need to remove and
refit oil seals.  Avoid that job!

I really, really hate
> gear
> oil and even though I will probably eventually need
> to
> deal with the DeDion gaiter, seals, etc, I'd like to
> take my unpleasantness is smaller doses. I assume
> that
> there's no gear oil in the DeDion tube elbows,
> right? 

There should be no oil in the DeDion elbows.  It's
supposed to be contained in the tube between oil

> 2.) I have to replace my brake servos. I gather that
> this is a particularly difficult brake system to
> bleed, but I suspect that finding an appropriate cap
> for the master cylinder (dual circuit brakes) to use
> with a pressure bleeder will be difficult. Any
> ideas?
> Will p6s bleed out ok with the normal pedal-pumping
> type procedure? 

I obtained self-bleeding bleed screws from Ruth at All
British Cars. Then, I purchased a self-bleeding kit
from an automotive supply place which had a nylon
tube, various rubber adapters, and a small white nylon
cup with a lid.  I loosen the bleed screw, attach a
rubber adapter, connect the tube to the container,
pump the brakes.  Then I can go under the car, tighten
the screw and remove the kit.

> 3.) When cranking the car, the starter motor will
> engage properly and crank the engine fine-- however,
> if the engine begins to fire, but does not catch,
> the
> starter motor drops out of engagement and revs
> freely.
>  I have to wait for the starter motor to come to a
> complete stop and then try cranking again. Is this a
> gummy Bendix drive? Something else? Normal for this
> car?

Could be a dirty Bendix gear assembly.  Remove, clean
and don't re-gum the assembly with more oil.  Perhaps
a squirt of WD40.
> 4.) The trivial: Is the proper model name of my car
> a
> "2000 TC" or a "TC 2000?" I see both usages, and I
> have no idea which is correct. (I'm sure one of you
> on
> this list will go off on a tangent about Cartesian
> dualism or coracles upon reading this.)
I guess a 2000 TC is the correct term.  Sometimes if
you put a date such as 1969 TC 2000, the TC separates
the digits.

> Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
> Nathan Obuch
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